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The wild Limited Edition FFXV system in its natural habitat; THESE HANDS!!!

Today at 10 AM CST, I stood outside of my local GameStop eager with anticipation. This wasn’t like the Fallout, Elder Scrolls or Bioshock anticipations I’d experienced in the last year, though; the excitement for each of those games only lasted around a year of waiting. FFXV is a very different kind of waiting. It’s been a decade long courtship filled with broken promises, procrastination and heartbreak. I’ve watched the team working on it fight internally, split, regroup and continue working, each time terrifying me as to the status of the project. I grew jaded, then fell back in love, then grew jaded again in an endless cycle of what felt like unrequited love. Square-Enix continued to churn out fanservice game after fanservice game, when the only service the fans truly wanted was to the next true installment of the series. Well, today with box in hand, the wait is finally over and we can all see if separation truly makes the heart grow fonder. Expect an unboxing video later today :)


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