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Hefty Discount on Tactics (iOS, Android)

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Final Fantasy Tactics, a game about two sides taking turns stabbing each other in a world made of boxes, is currently on sale in the Apple and Google Play stores. The hefty 70%-Off discount brings the price down to around $3.99, the lowest I’ve ever seen it. There’s no reason not to grab it; you know you’ve spent more money on Pokeballs a few months back just to catch Pidgeys.


• Apple App Store: http://bit.ly/ff-tactics-ios

• Google Play Store:http://bit.ly/ff-tactics-android

The discount is available starting today through the 30th, when it’ll return to its original price of around $18. Remember that purchasing the game on either Android or iOS give you access to the game on any device that supports that platform FOREVER, meaning this $4 means you’ll have the game FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

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