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Conan and Elijah Wood's FFXV Demonstration Might’ve Revealed a Bit Too Much

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Hitting the Internet hard today like pre-election mud slung at a winning candidate is another video proving “cringe” is the new “buzz”. The latest update in Conan O’Brien’s long-running Clueless Gamer series features Conan and guest-gamer Elijah Wood getting a hands-on demo with Square-Enix’s hotly (and seemingly eternally, with a dev span of more than a decade) anticipated title Final Fantasy XV. The Clueless Gamer series gets its laughs from the ongoing idea that Conan knows nothing of video games, and yet here he is, playing games we’d love to get our hands on while sneering and jeering every minute. My mileage from these videos tends to vary, as Conan’s improvisational sense of humor during these is extremely hit-or-miss, and his preconceptions going in or developed at the very beginning tend to echo through the end, which is hard for backseat gamers like me who just want to scream “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG”. That said, I still enjoy watching them for games I’m excited about, since nowadays finding gameplay footage that’s not meticulously doctored for show before a games launch can be impossible. They also usually throw in a studio executive that may or may not have some interesting information to throw out between Conan’s one-liners. What I heard this time, though, astounded me. After Conan and Elijah celebrated what they thought was the taking down of a truly massive (and gorgeous) monster (appearing to be of the Adamantoise line of FF monsters), the exec stated that that was just unlocking the fight. The REAL fight takes 3 real-world-days. 72 real-life hours. BWUH BWUH BWUH BWUHHHHHHH?? Now with today’s modern systems and their ability to almost save-state games, this might not be a big deal for FF fans, but does anyone else see this as the jumping-off-point for non-hardcore players? Like, if this is main-story I can already hear the echos from the future calling back “Yeah, I played all the way until that damn turtle”. Will anyone else here be trying to slay this bastard-oise if he’s just a side quest? I’m pretty sure I will... But this really felt like an odd way to reveal such a monumental in-game task.


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